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The Knucker Hole

On “Dragon Tales,” the characters in Dragon Land jump into openings in the ground called knucker holes. The name, apparently from dragon mythology,  is weird, the look of them weirder. I saw a knucker hole on the show for the first time just now, and there’s no more accurate way to describe it than a sphincter in the ground. It moves as I imagine a sphincter does, and while I’ve never seen the inside of a rectum, and hope never to do so, the tunnel the characters slide down once inside the knucker hole appears as I imagine a rectum does. (I once saw something like this during a dim sum meal and a grown man at the table announced, with a big smile usually seen on an obnoxiously precocious child, that it was a “cow pooper.”)

I think the “Dragon Tales” artists were having a bit of fun, just as I suspect they did when having the dragons dig frantically through their pouches in search of a whistle or other item. Anyway, the next time some fool in a motor vehicle does something selfishly dangerous, I might be tempted to call him a knucker hole — or would if I were the name-calling, road-raging type. Sounds pretty bad even if you didn’t know it looks like a sphincter.